Provided by: bind9_9.3.2-2ubuntu1_i386 bug


       named-checkzone - zone file validity checking tool


       named-checkzone [-d] [-j] [-q] [-v] [-c class] [-k mode] [-n mode]
                       [-o filename] [-t directory] [-w directory] [-D]
                       {zonename} {filename}


       named-checkzone checks the syntax and integrity of a zone file. It
       performs the same checks as named does when loading a zone. This makes
       named-checkzone useful for checking zone files before configuring them
       into a name server.


       -d     Enable debugging.

       -q     Quiet mode - exit code only.

       -v     Print the version of the named-checkzone program and exit.

       -j     When loading the zone file read the journal if it exists.

       -c class
              Specify the class of the zone. If not specified "IN" is assumed.

       -k mode
              Perform "check-name" checks with the specified failure mode.
              Possible modes are "fail", "warn" (default) and "ignore".

       -n mode
              Specify whether NS records should be checked to see if they are
              addresses. Possible modes are "fail", "warn" (default) and

       -o filename
              Write zone output to filename.

       -t directory
              chroot to directory so that include directives in the
              configuration file are processed as if run by a similarly
              chrooted named.

       -w directory
              chdir to directory so that relative filenames in master file
              $INCLUDE directives work. This is similar to the directory
              clause in named.conf.

       -D     Dump zone file in canonical format.

              The domain name of the zone being checked.

              The name of the zone file.


       named-checkzone returns an exit status of 1 if errors were detected and
       0 otherwise.


       named(8), RFC 1035, BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual.


       Internet Systems Consortium