Provided by: nsd_2.3.3-1_i386 bug


     nsdc - Name Server Daemon (NSD) Control Script


     nsdc start|stop|reload|rebuild|restart|running|update|notify


     Nsdc is the shell script that used to control nsd(8) and zonec(8) from
     NSD distribution.  Nsdc is also suitable to be linked into /etc/rc.d
     directory on BSD like systems for automatic startup of nsd(8) at the boot

     At every invokation nsdc will try to source /etc/nsd/nsdc.conf
     configuration file (shell script) where default configuration settings
     can be overwritten. An example of such configuration file is distributed
     with the NSD package as nsdc.conf.sample

     Possible nsdc applications are:

     start   Start nsd(8)

     stop    Shut down nsd(8) by sending SIGTERM to it.

     reload  Initiate nsd(8) name space database reload by sending SIGHUP

             Rebuild the nsd(8) database by invoking zonec(8) with appropriate

             Restart nsdc(8) This equals to nsdc stop && nsdc start

             Check whether nsd(8) is running. Returns error message and error
             code if it is not running, and no message and zero error code

     update  Updates all the slave zones which have masters keyword in
             nsd.zones file from its masters and invokes nsdc rebuild and nsdc
             reload if necessary.

     notify  Sends notify message to all the masters for all the zones that
             have notify keyword in nsd.zones file.

     See the README file for detailed description of nsd.zones file format.


             Default location of configuration file.

             default NSD database

             the process id of the name server.

             Optional configuration file for nsdc to overwrite default
             pathnames and NSD flags.


     Nsdc will return zero return code if operation was successful and an
     error message to standard output plus a non-zero return code otherwise.


     nsd(8), nsd-notify(8), nsd-xfer(8), zonec(8)


     NSD was written by NLnet LABS and RIPE NCC joint team. Please see CREDITS
     file in the distribution for further details.


     nsd.zones syntax checking is almost nonexistent in nsdc erroneous lines
     are most likely to be ignored or will produce unexpected results. There
     is no locking for nsdc rebuild and nsdc update operations so those should
     be used with caution.

     nsdc update with more than one master will give error messages and wont
     work with tsig. To fix the problem one can comment out checking for tsig
     file presence in