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       ocfs2cdsl - Create context dependent symbolic link (CDSL).


       ocfs2cdsl [-cfnqvV] [-t hostname|mach|os|nodenum] filename


       ocfs2cdsl  is  used  to  create  a  context dependent symbolic link for
       filename (file or directory) for a node. A CDSL filename will have  its
       own  image  for  a specific node, but a common name in the OCFS2. It is
       very important that the ocfs2ctl command to be issued on all nodes that
       are  part of the cluster and to any subsequent nodes that are added. If
       the ocfs2cdsl command is not executed in some of the  nodes,  the  cdsl
       directory will not be accessible by them.


       -t hostname|mach|os|nodenum
              hostname|mach|os|nodenum  -  One  of  these  options  should  be
              specified in order to  create  the  CDSL.  As  for  information,
              hostname  would  be  the  same as the output of "uname -n", mach
              would be the output of "uname -m", os would the  the  output  of
              "uname  -o"  and nodenum would be the global node number for the
              hostname in the /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf file.

       -c     During the creation of the CDSL, if the  file  does  exist,  the
              data will be copied to the new location.

       -f     Force the execution of the command.

       -n     Will  perform  a  check of all options and motions, but will not
              perform any change on disk.

       -q     Execute ocfs2cdsl in quiet mode.

       -v     Execute ocfs2cdsl in verbose mode.

       -V     Print version and exit.


       If one wants to  have  a  shared  ORACLE_HOME  installed  on  an  OCFS2
       partition,  and  wants  to have node specific configuration filename in
       the same shared ORACLE_HOME, one  can  have  the  filename  created  by
       ocfs2cdsl.      A    good    example    would    be    the    directory
       $ORACLE_HOME/network/agent. Node1  could  have  its  own  view  of  the
       directory,  which  is  different  from Node2 view, but having the exact
       same full pathname.

            # ocfs2cdsl -c -t hostname $ORACLE_HOME/network/agent

       In the example above, a CDSL directory will be created and the contents
       of  the agent directory will copied to the new location. If the same is
       to be executed on all nodes, and assuming that no changes are  made  to
       the  directory, each one of the nodes would have the exact same view of
       the agent directory. In case of change in the agent directory after the
       creation of the CDSL, only the node performing the change would be able
       to see it. All other nodes would still have the same  initial  view  of
       the agent directory.


       mkfs.ocfs2(8)     fsck.ocfs2(8)     tunefs.ocfs2(8)    mounted.ocfs2(8)
       ocfs2console(8) debugfs.ocfs2(8)


       Oracle Corporation


       Copyright © 2004, 2005 Oracle. All rights reserved.