Provided by: oops_1.5.23.cvs-2.2ubuntu2_i386 bug


       oops - HTTP caching proxy server


       /usr/sbin/oops     [-{C|c} config_filename] [-v] [-V] [-w num] [-W num]
       [-x acdfhinsACDFHINS] [-{Z|z}]


       oops is a http caching proxy server written with performance as primary
       goal.   For  detailed  information see the well-commented configuration
       file /etc/oops/oops.cfg .  Anyway You can find  useful  information  at
       the homepage: (english) (russian)


       -h     Help about the oops’s arguments.

       -c file
              path to config file.

       -C file
              same as the -c command

       -d     detaches from the terminal, so runs as daemon

       -v     verbose startup.

       -V     show version info.

       -w number
              use thread pool. number define initial size of the pool.

       -W number
              limit thread pool size to number.

              log   level   (a-all,   c-notice,  d-debug,  f-ftp,  h-http,  i-
              information, n-dns, s-storages).

              negative log level.

       -z     format storages.

       -Z     like the -z


       Mainly Igor Khasilev <>