Provided by: pcmcia-cs_3.2.8-5.2ubuntu5_i386 bug


       pack_cis - compile PCMCIA Card Information Structures


       pack_cis [-o outfile] infile


       Pack_cis  is  used  to  convert  a  text  description  of a PCMCIA Card
       Information Structure (CIS) to its packed  binary  representation.   It
       can  parse  a  reasonably  useful  subset of the possible output of the
       dump_cis  utility.   The  primary  use  of  pack_cis  is  to  construct
       replacement  CIS  files  for cards that have incomplete, inaccurate, or
       damaged CIS structures.  Thus, the supported  tuple  types  are  mostly
       limited  to things that are important for correctly configuring typical
       IO cards.

       By default, the packed data is written to standard output.


       The best way to get started writing CIS descriptions  will  be  to  use
       dump_cis  to  extract  the CIS data from a card, and to examine the CIS
       files distributed with the PCMCIA source tree in etc/cis/.

       The basic structure of a CIS is a list of tuple descriptions.  Anything
       following a hash mark (‘‘#’’) is treated as a comment.  A multifunction
       CIS can be described with the notation:

              [common tuple list]
              mfc {
                [tuple list for function 0]
              }, {
                [tuple list for function 1]


       -o outfile
              Write the packed tuple data to the specified file.


       /etc/pcmcia/cis   Standard location for packed CIS files


       David Hinds -


       dump_cis(8), cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5).