Provided by: mindi-partimagehack_0.6.2-7_i386 bug


       partimagehack  -  MondoRescue-specific version of partimage , a tool to
       back up and restore disk partitions.


       partimagehack is a modified version of partimage, a tool for backing up
       disk   partitions  into  image  files  and  restoring  them.  The  main
       difference is that it has added capabilities  to  use  FIFOs  which  is
       required by mondoarchive and mondorescue.
       Please   note   that   partimagehack  is  called  by  mondoarchive  and
       mondorescue to handle partitions not otherwise  supported.  It  is  not
       supposed  to  be  called directly. Calling it directly is not supported
       and may lead to severe problems.  If you are after a partition  imaging
       tool, please use partimage.


       mondoarchive(8), mondorestore(8), partimage (1).


       Francois Dupoux (original partimage)
       Franck Ladurelle (original partimage)
       Hugo Rabson (partimagehack)