Provided by: pcmcia-cs_3.2.8-5.2ubuntu5_i386 bug


       pcic_probe - PCMCIA interface controller probe


       pcic_probe [-v] [-m] [-k] [-t tcic_base]


       The  pcic_probe  command  scans  a  system  for various types of PCMCIA
       bridge devices.  It probes for PCI-based PC Card and  CardBus  bridges,
       as well as several types of ISA-bus bridges, where appropriate.


       -v     Generates more verbose output during ISA bus probes.

       -m     Outputs  the  kernel  module  name for the socket driver for the
              first identified controller.

       -k     Used with -m, specifies that module names  should  be  generated
              for  use  with  the kernel PCMCIA subsystem, rather than for the
              standalone pcmcia-cs modules.

       -t tcic_base
              Specifies the base IO port of a Databook TCIC ISA-PCMCIA bridge.
              The default is 0x240.


       David Hinds -