Provided by: postgresql-common_53ubuntu3_all bug


       pg_maintenance - perform maintenance tasks on all clusters


       pg_maintenance [-f--full] [-a--analyze] [-v--verbose] [--force]


       This script performs maintenance actions on all databases in all
       clusters. In particular, this calls vacuumdb on all databases, which
       frees up unused space and helps to improve database performance (if
       --analyze is specified).

       This script is intended to be called regularly in a cronjob.


       -c, --cluster version/cluster
           Perform maintenance only on specified cluster. By default, all
           clusters are handled.

       -f, --full
           Perform a "full vacuum", which is more effective but takes more
           time and needs to completely lock tables while working on it.

       -a, --analyze
           Perform some statistical analyses on the tables which helps to
           improve database performance. This only needs read access to the
           tables, thus does not require any locking.

       -v, --verbose
           Passed to vacuumdb, which prints lots of information about the
           vacuuming and analysis.

           By default a cluster is not processed if autovacuuming is enabled
           for it. If this option is specified, the cluster is processed
           regardless of the autovacuum daemon status.


       vacuumdb(1), vacuum(7), analyze(7), pg_ctlcluster(1)


       Martin Pitt <>