Provided by: plptools_0.14-3ubuntu1_i386 bug


       plpnfsd - Daemon to mount a Psion like an NFS file-system


       plpnfsd  [-V]  [-v] [-D] [-h] [-p [host:]port] [-d mount-dir] [-u user]


       plpnfsd is a daemon, which provides NFS-like access to your Psion.   It
       automatically  makes  the  Psion’s file-systems available below an NFS-
       mounted directory (default /var/lib/plptools/mnt).  By default, plpnfsd
       is  installed  suid-root,  so any normal user can start it and gets the
       mounted directory owned by himself.  As this program is usually used on
       single-user  machines,  this  does  not  hurt  security. Like the other
       front-ends, this program auto-reconnects after a link-failure,  so  you
       can keep the psion mounted all the time, even when it is not connected.
       Due to Rudolf Koenig’s clever error-handling, you don’t need  to  worry
       about  blocked  io-processes  if the psion isn’t available.  You simply
       will get an "device not configured" error, when accessing a file  on  a
       previously connected psion which has been disconnected. After that, the
       mount-point will appear with the drives missing. As soon as  the  psion
       is  connected  again, the subdirectories will reappear (possibly with a
       few seconds delay).


       -V, --version
              Display the version and exit

       -h, --help
              Display a short help text and exit.

       -v, --verbose
              Produce verbose logging output. Can be specified more than  once
              to increase the debug level (up to 3 times)

       -p, --port=[host:]port
              Specify  the  host  and  port to connect to (e.g. the port where
              ncpd is listening on) - by default the host is and the
              port  is looked up in /etc/services. If it is not found there, a
              fall-back builtin of 7501.

       -d, --mountpoint=mount-dir
              Specify the directory to mount the psion file  system  on.  This
              defaults to /var/lib/plptools/mnt

       -u, --user=user
              Specify  the user who will own the psion files. This defaults to
              the user who is running plpnfsd. If the user running plpnfsd  is
              root , s/he may also specify a different user.


       Below   the  special  directory  /var/lib/plptools/mnt/proc  there  are
       several special files which can be used to control plpnfsd and/or  view
       some information of the connected Psion.

              can  be used to shutdown plpnfsd gracefully. To shutdown plpnfsd
              write the string "stop" into that file.

              shows the Psion’s owner information.

              The superuser (root) can set the owner of the mounted directory-
              tree  during  runtime by writing the desired user-name into this

              Reading/writing from/to this file shows  resp.  sets  the  debug

              Reading/writing  from/to  this file shows resp. sets the timeout
              value for the attribute cache in seconds.

              Reading/writing from/to this file shows resp. sets  the  timeout
              value for the data cache in seconds.

              Shows the name of the corresponding process on the Psion.

              Shows the arguments of the corresponding process on the Psion.


       ncpd(8), plpnfsd(8), plpprintd(8), plpftp(1) and sisinstall(1)


       Fritz    Elfert    Heavily   based   on   p3nfsd   by   Rudolf   Koenig
       (  and  plp_1_7   by   Philip
       Proudman  (  Patches  from Matt Gumbley
       (     Man     page     by      John      Lines