Provided by: openafs-dbserver_1.4.1-2_i386 bug


       pt_util — Utility to load/dump AFS protection database


       pt_util  [-w]   [-u]   [-g]  [-m]  [-n]  [-s]  [-x]  [-d datafile]  [-p


       This manual page documents pt_util, a utility for dumping, loading  and
       creating AFS protection databases.  The protection database is normally
       made available by the ptserver  daemon  running  on  the  AFS  database
       servers.   However,  pt_util      provides a mechanism for manipulating
       the database when ptserver is unavailable.  This is useful to create an
       initial  database,  to  effect large batch changes or when the database
       has a damaged system:administrators group.

       By default, pt_util opens the database and prints the version.  Options
       allow  extraction  of  information  from  the  database  or writing new
       entries into the database.


       -h        Show summary of options.

       -w        Update PRDB with contents of data file or standard  input  if
                 the -d is not used

       -u        List users in the database.

       -g        List groups in the database.

       -m        List group members.

       -n        Follow name hash chains instead of ID hashes.

       -s        List only system: groups.  Used by MIT’s Moira.

       -d datafile
                 Read  from  or write printable representation of the database
                 from datafile.

       -p prdb   Manipulate  the  protection  database  prdb.    The   running
                 protection database is /var/lib/openafs/db/prdb.DB0




       This  manual  page  was written by Sam Hartman for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).