Provided by: hpoj_0.91-9_i386 bug


       hpoj reference: "ptal-pml"


       ptal-pml devname [cmd...]


       The "ptal-pml" command-line utility allows one to get and set the
       values of individual PML (Peripheral Management Language) objects on
       the device.


       ·   "devname" is the PTAL device name (required)

       ·   "cmd" is one of:

           ·   "get[-type] [oid]..." -- Gets the value of zero or more PML

           ·   "set [oid type value]..." -- Sets the value of zero or more PML

           ·   "dev devname" -- Selects a different PTAL device for subsequent
               gets and sets

       ·   "oid" is a dotted-decimal PML object ID (for example, "")

       ·   "type" is the type of data to "set" (or override the default
           display format for "get"), one of (may be abbreviated to the
           shortest unique string):

           ·   "enumeration"

           ·   "integer"

           ·   "string"

           ·   "binary"

           ·   "bstring" (same as binary, but parsed/printed as a string with
               no symbol-set identifier)

           ·   "collection"

           ·   "null"

       ·   "value" depends on the "type":

           ·   For "enumeration", "integer", "collection", and "null", a
               decimal, octal (if preceeded by 0), or hexadecimal (if
               preceeded by "0x") number

           ·   For "string" and "bstring", a string enclosed in "double

           ·   For "binary", a sequence of hexadecimal numbers separated by
               spaces and enclosed in "double quotes"


       "ptal-pml" is only necessary if you want to experiment with getting or
       setting specific PML objects.  In most cases it’s preferable to use a
       higher-level interface, such as "ptal-hp", "xojpanel", or
       "libsane-hpoj".  A partial list of PML objects that may or may not be
       supported by HP multi-function peripherals is available.  In this
       table, the "OID_" "object name" is provided only as a hint of the
       meaning, and you must enter the numerical object ID on the command
       line.  For more specific information about the meaning or valid values
       of certain objects, consult "apps/cmdline/ptal-hp.c",
       "lib/sane/hpoj.[ch]", or inquire on the "hpoj-devel" mailing list.  For
       JetDirect, PML is encapsulated within SNMP, which uses fewer data
       types.  Therefore, an "integer" through JetDirect may need to be
       specified as a more specific type, such as "enumeration", on a local