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       pushupdate - update the image of one or more remote clients


       pushupdate [ -help ] [ -version ] [ -client HOSTNAME ] [ -range X-Y ] [
       -domain DOMAINNAME
        ] [ -clients-file FILE ] [  -concurrent-processes N
        ] [ -ssh-user ] [ -continue-install ] [ -reboot ]

       Options for updateclient: (The following options will be passed  on  to
       the updateclient command)

        [ -server HOSTNAME ] [ -image IMAGENAME ] [  -directory DIRECTORY
        ] [ -nolilo ] [ -autoinstall ] [  -configure-from DEVICE
        ] [ -reboot ] [ -log "STRING" ]


       This manual page documents briefly the pushupdate command.

       pushupdate  is  a  tool  for  updating  the image on one or more client
       nodes.  It relies on the availability of ssh as a transport  layer  for
       communicating with client nodes.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -help  Show summary of options

              Display version and copyright information

       -client HOSTNAME
              Host  name  of  the  client  you want to update.  When used with
              -continue-install, the name of the client to autoinstall.

       -range X-Y
              Number range used to create a series of host names based on  the
              -client  option.   For  example,  "-client  www -range 1-3" will
              cause pushupdate to use www1, www2, and www3 as host names.   If
              no  -range  is  given with -client, then pushupdate assumes that
              only one client is to be updated.

       -domain DOMAINNAME
              If this option is used,  DOMAINNAME  will  be  appended  to  the
              client host name(s).

       -clients-file FILE
              Read host names and images to process from FILE.

       -concurrent-processes N
              Number  of  concurrent  process  to  run.  If this option is not
              used, N will default to 1.

              Username for ssh connection to client.

              Hosts should be  treated  as  autoinstall  clients  waiting  for
              further instruction.

       -server HOSTNAME
              Hostname  or  IP  address of the imageserver. (-imageserver is a
              deprecated option and will go away soon.)

       -image IMAGENAME
              Image from which the client should be updated

       -directory DIRECTORY
              Absolute path of the directory to be updated (defaults to "/")

              Don’t run lilo after update  completes.   (lilo  is  always  run
              unless specified)

              Autoinstall this client the next time it reboots.  (can’t be run
              with -nolilo)

       -configure-from DEVICE
              Only used with -autoinstall.  Stores the  network  configuration
              for DEVICE in the /local.cfg file so that the same settings will
              be used during the autoinstall process.

              Reboot client after update completes

       -log "STRING"
              Quoted string for log file format.  See the rsyncd.conf man page
              for options.



       More details can be found in the SystemImager manual.


       This  manual  page  was  compiled  by dann <<>> for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               11 November 2004                  PUSHUPDATE(8)