Provided by: hwtools_0.8-6_i386 bug


       qic02conf -Change configuration settings for QIC-02 tape driver.


       qic02conf [--module] [options]


       This  manual  page  was  only  written  to comply debian policies, this
       software has imho nothing to do in this package and  should  have  it’s
       own  since  it’s  NOT  related  to  any  of  the softwares this package
       provides. Informations given here are only the result of a


       Use ‘‘./qic02conf’’ to show the current settings and
         ‘‘./qic02conf  ...options...’’  to  change  them.  Be  careful!   Use
       ‘‘./qic02conf --module ...options...’’ to obtain the
         equivalent options string to use at module load.

       $Id: qic02conf.c,v 1.13 1997/01/03 14:15:56 hennus Exp hennus $ Written
       by Hennus Bergman.

       Known interface card types:
               wangtek         Plain Wangtek interface card [Everex EV811 too]
               archive         Archive SC400, SC402, SC499R cards
               everex          Everex 811V (?), 831V cards
               teac            Teac DC-1 interface
               wangtek3        Wangtek with different DMA3 enabler
               mountain        Mountain interface card [experimental]
               emerald         Emerald interface card [experimental]

       Available  options:  --help  --version  --file=ARG --module --drive=ARG
       --card=ARG --irq=ARG --dma=ARG --port=ARG  --debug=ARG  --have-dens=ARG
       --have-bsf=ARG  --have-fsr=ARG  --have-bsr=ARG  --have-eod=ARG  --have-
       seek=ARG  --have-tell=ARG   --have-ras1=ARG   --have-ras2=ARG   --have-
       ras3=ARG --have-qfa=ARG

       qic02conf is for...

       SH BUGS None reported to debian.




       Pierre Ancelot <>