Provided by: cnews_cr.g7-39_i386 bug


       recenews, recpnews - receive mailed news
       bdecode - decode encoded mailed news


       /usr/lib/news/input/bdecode [ file ]


       Sometimes  it  is  necessary  to  transmit  news via mail, to deal with
       network connections that have no notion of arbitrary file  transfer  or
       non-mail traffic.  These programs handle reception of such traffic.

       Recenews  receives encoded news, decodes it, and feeds it to rnews (see
       rnews(8CN)).  Recpnews does  likewise  for  mail  protected  with  ‘N’.
       Normally one should arrange that mail arriving at the mailbox ‘‘enews’’
       is sent to recenews and likewise for ‘‘rnews’’ (the name is historical,
       for compatibility again) and recpnews.

       Bdecode passes standard input, or the file if there is one, to standard
       output,  decoding  the  bencode  encoding  and  stripping  off   debris
       prepended and appended by mailers.


       bencode(1), mail(1), newsdb(5), newsbatch(8CN), rnews(8CN)


       Written  at  U of Toronto by Henry Spencer, with contributions by Geoff
       Collyer.  Bdecode written at University of Waterloo by Reg Quinton  and
       Ken Lalonde.

                                  28 Aug 1994                    NEWSMAIL(8cn)