Provided by: restartd_0.1.a-3_i386 bug


       restartd - process checker and/or reloader


       Restartd  is  a  daemon  for  checking  you  running  and  not  running
       processes. It reads the /proc direcroty in every n secs and do a  POSIX
       regexp  on  the  process names. You can execute a script/program if the
       process is not or it is running.

       For executing, restard uses system(3).

       For  logging,  restartd  using  syslog  with   LOG_INFO   and   LOG_ERR


       restartd follows the GNU command line syntax.

       -h, --help
              Displays a little help

       -v, --version
              Show the version number and quit

       -d, --debug
              A very poor debug. Trust me. Its very poor.

       -i --interval
              The process check interval in seconds. The default is 20.

       -c --config
              Use different configuration file instead of /etc/restartd.conf


       This  manual page was written by Tibor Koleszar <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system.  Last modify: Tue Jun 11 15:15:50 2002

                                  11 Jun 2002                      RESTARTD(8)