Provided by: rsrce_0.1-2_i386 bug


       rsrce - editor for raw MacOS resource forks


       rsrce [filename]


       Rsrce  is  command  driven Macintosh resource fork editor for Unix-like
       operating systems.

       Rsrce doesn’t allow you to edit the resource data  directly.   It  only
       knows  to  import/export  them from/to files, performing conversion for
       the few resource types it knows.


       If a filename is given on the command-line, the resource are read  from
       the file when rsrce is launched.

       Resources  are referred to by specifing their type and id, separated by
       a colon.  I  mean,  something  like  "STR#:128".   If  the  type  field
       contains less than 4 letters, spaces are added to complete it.

       The following commands are available:

       read file
              read the resources from file

       write file
              write the resources to file

       ls     list resources (type, id, attributes, data lenght, name)

       hexdump resource
              show an hexdump of resource’s data

       import|export resource file
              import/export resource’s data from/to file

       edit resource
              invoke an external editor to change resource’s data

       help   list available commands

       exit   terminate  rsrce  (without  saving, use write before exit if you
              wish to save your changes)


       Rsrce has only been originally created to change the  configuration  of
       the  miBoot  Linux bootloader for OldWorld PowerMac computers.  Since I
       do not use MacOS, I haven’t tested any other  usage  of  this  program.
       You  should  therefore  be very careful when using it, as it could very
       well produce unusable output.

       Another consequence of this is wildly missing functionnality.  I’m  not
       going  to  work  on  it,  since  I  couldn’t  test  anything  in a real
       situation.  Patches and/or usage reports would be very welcome.


       Jeremie Koenig <>