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       Usage: run-splitter - Helper script for starting splitter programs


       run-splitter [-k,--hup] [-s,--split] [-h,--help]


       run-splitter  is a helper shell script that does some of the things you
       need to do to get mnoGoSearch cachemode to work.  Each option  turns  a
       step  on  or  off.  There  is no need to run this script if you are not
       using cachemode.

       If run-splitter is run with the -k flag, it first sends a HUP signal to
       the cachelogd process.

       Next  if  the  -s  option  is  given, run-splitter then runs a splitter
       process.  If this process returns  successfully,  run-splitter  deletes
       the old log files.

       In  most  cases,  the  run-splitter  script  is run with both -k and -s
       options. run-splitter is generally run after the indexer process.


       -k, --hup
              Send -HUP signal to cachelogd

       -s, --split
              Split the logs by running the splitter program.

       -h, --help
              Display help.


       This manual page was written by Craig  Small  <>,  for
       the  Debian  project  but  it  may  be used by others.  mnoGoSearch was
       written by many people, see the website for who
       they are.