Provided by: runit-run_0.6.0_all bug


       runit-policy-rc.d - runit’s init script policy for invoke-rc.d(8)


       policy-rc.d [--quiet] initscriptID actions [runlevel]

       policy-rc.d --list initscriptID [runlevel ...]


       policy-rc.d is consulted by invoke-rc.d(8) to determine if a particular
       init script is to be  run  or  not.   The  runit(8)  Unix  init  scheme
       provides   service  management  and  service  supervision  through  run
       scripts, and doesn’t use SystemV alike init scripts.

       runit-policy-rc.d’s policy is to not run any init scripts at all.


              no error messages are generated.

       --list instead of verifying policy, list (in a "human  parseable"  way)
              all  policies  defined  for  the  given  initscriptID  (for  all
              runlevels if no runlevels are specified; otherwise, list it only
              for  the  runlevels specified), as well as all known actions and
              their fallbacks for the given initscriptID  (note  that  actions
              and  fallback  actions  might  be global and not particular to a
              single initscript id).

              runit-policy-rc.d always prints ‘‘runit’s init script policy  is
              to not run any init scripts at all.’’.


       invoke-rc.d(8), update-rc.d(8)