Provided by: sg3-utils_1.17-2_i386 bug


       sg_luns - send the scsi command report luns


       sg_luns  [--decode]  [--help]  [--select=<n>]  [--verbose]  [--version]


       Send REPORT LUNS  command  to  a  Linux  SCSI  device  and  output  the
       response.   In  the recent SCSI draft standard SPC-3 device support for
       this command is mandatory.

       --decode | -d
              decode logical  unit  numbers  into  their  hierarchical  parts.
              Interprets  luns  as  described in SAM-3 (rev 14) when the HiSup
              bit is set in a standard INQUIRY’s response.

       --help | -h
              output the usage message then exit.

       --select=<n> | -s <n>
              this option sets the ’select report’ field in  the  SCSI  REPORT
              LUNS  command.  The default value is 0. When 0 is given (or this
              option is not specified) then the given device  should  yield  a
              list  of  luns  addressable  via  this  "I_T nexus" that use the
              following  lun  addressing  methods:  logical  unit  addressing,
              peripheral  device addressing and flat space addressing.  When 1
              is given the given device should yield  a  list  of  only  "well
              known" logical units addressable via this "I_T" nexus. When 2 is
              given the given device should yield  all  luns  addressable  via
              this  "I_T"  nexus. Currently SPC-3 (rev 21) doesn’t specify any
              other values.

       --verbose | -v
              increase the level of verbosity, (i.e. debug output).

       --version | -V
              print the version string and then exit.


       Written by Douglas Gilbert.


       Report bugs to <dgilbert at interlog dot com>.


       Copyright © 2004 Douglas Gilbert
       This software is distributed under  a  FreeBSD  license.  There  is  NO
       warranty;  not  even  for  MERCHANTABILITY  or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR