Provided by: sg3-utils_1.17-2_i386 bug


       sg_turs  - executes a user specified number of TEST UNIT READY commands
       on the given device


       sg_turs [-n=<number of commands to send>] [-t] [-v] [-V] <scsi_device>


       sg_turs sends a number of TEST UNIT READY  commands  to  a  given  SCSI
       device. Useful for timing the per command overhead. Note that TEST UNIT
       READY has no associated data, just a 6 byte command and a returned SCSI
       status value.

              performs TEST UNIT READY "<num>" times. If not given defaults to
              1.  These suffix multipliers are permitted: c C *1; w W *2; b  B
              *512;  k  K  KiB  *1,024;  KB  *1,000;  m  M  MiB *1,048,576; MB
              *1,000,000; g G GiB *1,073,741,824; and GB *1,000,000,000 . Also
              a  suffix  of  the  form "x<n>" multiplies the leading number by
              <n>. Alternatively a hex number may be given, prefixed by either
              0x or 0X.

       -t     after  completing  the  requested  number  of  TEST  UNIT  READY
              commands, outputs the total duration and the average  number  of
              commands executed per second.

       -v     increase  level  of  verbosity:  print  out SCSI commands in hex
              prior to sending them to the device. ’-vv’ and ’-vvv’  are  also
              accepted yielding greater verbosity.

       -V     print out version string then exit.


       Written by D. Gilbert


       Copyright © 2000-2005 Douglas Gilbert
       This  software  is  distributed  under  the  GPL version 2. There is NO
       warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS  FOR  A  PARTICULAR