Provided by: smtp-refuser_1.0.5_i386 bug


       smtp-refuser - refuse SMTP receival with an informative explanation


       smtp-refuser [ explanation [ argument...  ] ]


       smtp-refuser  is  usually  used  along  with  tcpd(8) or some other TCP
       security daemon to bounce messages from IP addresses of known spammers.
       Advantages  of smtp-refuser over just blocking connections are that the
       remote SMTP server will not retry, and legitimate e-mail  senders  will
       see a polite message telling them why their mail was blocked and who to
       call to get around the blocking.

       Upon SMTP commands DEBU, EXPN, RCPT, and VRFY, smtp-refuser will report
       a  550  (no such recipient) error, followed by the contents of the file

   smtp-refuser.conf configuration file
       /etc/smtp-refuser.conf consists of two lines.  First should contain the
       name  of  the  person  who  is  to  be  contacted  if blocking prevents
       legitimate mail transfer. The second line should contain the  means  of
       contact  (i.  e.  a telephone number, or an e-mail address).  All other
       lines will be ignored.

   Substitutions in the explanation
       The following character sequences  in  the  explanation  file  will  be

       ‘$C’   Replaced by the first line of smtp-refuser.conf (see above).

       ‘$P’   Replaced by the second line of smtp-refuser.conf (see above).

       ‘$1’, ‘$2’, ... ‘$9’
              Replaced  by the first, second, etc. command-line argument after

       Substitution can be prevented using  backslash  (‘\’)  characters:  the
       character  following  a  backslash  will  be  displayed  literally (the
       backslash will be discarded).




       Bruce Perens <>
       Manual page written by Matej Vela <>.

                                15th May, 1999                 SMTP-REFUSER(8)