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       smtpfwdd - SMTP message forwarding daemon.


       smtpfwdd  [ -d spooldir ] [ -u user ] [ -g group ] [ -s mailprog ] [ -M
       maxchildren ] [ -P poll time ]


       The smtpfwdd daemon forwards mail messages from a  spool  directory  to
       their  eventual destinations. It regularly scans the spool directory in
       which its symboitic companion program smtpd stores messages and invokes
       a  mail  program  (such as sendmail) to forward them. It is the forward
       portion of an SMTP store and foward proxy.  smtpfwdd  is  a  standalone
       daemon, usually invoked at system startup.


       -d spooldir
              Specify  a  different  spool  directory. This should be the same
              directoy  in   which   smtpd   is   spooling   files.   (usually

       -u user
              Specify  a user to run as. This user must not be root but should
              normally be a user that is able to run sendmail and use  the  -f
              option to specify the sender of a mail message.

       -g group
              Specify a group to run as. Same as <tt>user</tt> above.

       -s mailprog
              Specify  a  different  mail  program to use to forward mail. The
              default is sendmail. Any replacement must be able to be  invoked
              in  the  same manner as sendmail with a <tt>-f fromaddress</tt>,
              followed by one or more destination  addresses  on  the  command

       -M maxchildren
              specifies  how many children smtpfwdd should be allowed to spawn
              at once when delivering mail. Default is  specified  at  compile
              time, usually 10.

       -P polltime
              specifies  in  seconds  how  often  the  master smtpfwdd process
              should wake up and check the spool directory  for  new  mail  to
              forward.  The  default  is specified at compile time, usually 10


       Since sendmail is not normally running as a daemon when using smtpd and
       smtpfwdd,  one must use cron to periodically invoke sendmail -q so that
       queued messages are retried for eventual delivery.

       There are many different variations of sendmail.  smtpfwdd  will  check
       and  pay  attention  to  the  exit  status of the sendmail processes it
       invokes, possibly retrying an invocation of  sendmail.  If  you  aren’t
       using real unadulterated Berkeley sendmail of a recent vintage, you may
       need to disable the exit status checking at compile time (See option
        SENDMAIL_RETRY in the makefile).

       sendmail can’t handle a . on one line in a message body.  This  problem
       is  bypassed  in smtpfwdd by giving sendmail the option -oitrue. Again,
       if you aren’t using genuine sendmail, you may need to disable  this  at
       compile time (see option SENDMAIL_OITRUE in the makefile).



       smtpd  and  smtpfwdd  are  also available separately from Juniper under
       quite friendly copyright terms.  It can be obtained using anonymous ftp
       in the directory




       Obtuse Systems Corporation


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                                 July 19, 1999                     smtpfwdd(8)