Provided by: spong-server_2.7.7-12_all bug


       spong-cleanup - perform nightly maintenance to the spong database




       This program performs routine, regular maintenance of the spong

       ·   Cleans out any history older then 7 days.  It moves the old history
           for each host into the $SPONG_ARCHIVE directory.  If you don’t
           think you would ever want to get at that history, then you can just
           change the script so that it is deleted.

       ·   * Removes any acknowledgements that are no longer valid.

       ·   * Removes any services that don’t seem to be reported any more (if
           you stop monitoring something on a machine - the old entry will
           still hang around and show up as purple).

       The spong-cleanup program should be run every night as a cronjob. This
       will ensure that database queries are speedy especially the History Log


       Configuration Files

       spong-cleanup reads the standard spong.conf and spong.conf.<host>
       configuration files.

       Configuration Variables

           This defines the directory where the Spong database will be stored.
           Each host will have a subdirectory in this directory which is named
           for the host.

           The directory where to put old history file entries for each host.
           Each host has it’s own file in this directory.

           This is the number of days of history to keep for each host in the
           spong-server database. Any old history is append to the file for
           the host under the $SPONG_ARCHIVE directory.

           This is the number of days to retain stale service status (i.e.
           purple status) entries in the spong-server database. Any service
           service status entries older than <$OLD_SERVICE> days old are
           deleted from the database.


       spong.conf, spong.conf.[hostname]


       Perl v5.005_03 or greater is required.


       None know bugs.


       spong-server, spong.conf


       Ed Hill <>, Unix System Administrator, The University
       of Iowa

       Stephen L Johnson <>


       Based on code/ideas from Sean MacGuire (BB), and Helen Harrison (Pong).
       Ed Hill original converted Big Brother ( into Perl
       which diverged from Big Brother to become Spong. Ed Hill continued
       Spong development until version 2.1. Stephen L Johnson took over
       development in October, 1999 with his changes which became Spong 2.5.