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       stonith - extensible interface for remotely powering down a node in the


       stonith [ -sv ] [ -t type ] [ -p param ] [ -F file ] -S nodename
       stonith [ -sv ] [ -t type ] [ -p param ] [ -F file ] -l
       stonith [ -sv ] -L
       stonith -h


       The STONITH module (a.k.a. STOMITH) provides  an  extensible  interface
       for remotely powering down a node in the cluster.  (STONITH = Shoot The
       Other Node In The Head).  The idea is quite simple: When  the  software
       running  on  one  machine  wants  to  make  sure another machine in the
       cluster is not using a resource, pull the plug on  the  other  machine.
       It’s simple and reliable, albiet admittedly brutal.


       -F options-file:
              Path  to file specifying option s for a device. To determine the
              syntax of the options-file for a given device run:
              stonith -t <devicetype> <dummy-nodename>
              stonith -t rps10 test

       -h:    Display command line This provides a detailed list of the device
              types, descriptions of them and how to configure them, and other
              related information.  If you don’t yet own as STONITH device and
              want  to  know  what  more  about  the  ones  we  support,  this
              information is likely to be helpful.

       -L:    List the valid devicetypes, suitable for passing as an  argument
              to the -t option.

       -l:    List the configured nodes.

       -t devicetype:
              The  type  of  device  to  be used to effect STONITH.  A list of
              supported devices for an instalation of stonith may be  obtained
              using the -L option.

       -p stonith-parameters:
              Parameters  to  pass  directly  to stonith device. These are the
              same format as a line in the  options-file  for  a  divice.  See
              notes  on  determining  the  syntax  for  the options-file for a
              divice above.

       -S:    Show the status of the STONITH device.

       -s:    Silent operation. Suppress logging of error messages to standard

       -v:    Ignored.


       heartbeat (8) meatclient (8)


       stonith - Alan Robertson <> et al.
       man page - Horms <>

                                8th August 2003                     STONITH(8)