Provided by: tinysnmp-agent_0.8.4_i386 bug


       TinySNMPd - daemon to respond to SNMP request packets


       tinysnmpd [OPTIONS] <configfile> <modulepath>


       tinysnmpd  is  an  SNMP agent which binds to a port and awaits requests
       from SNMP management software. Upon receiving a request,  it  processes
       the  request(s),  collects  the  requested  information and returns the
       information to the sender.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -f | --logfile=FILENAME
              Location of log file. By default, messages will be logged to the

       -s | --syslog=FACILITY
              The following facilities can be specified:

                 authpriv  security/authorization messages
                 cron      clock daemon
                 daemon    system daemons without separate facility
                 ftp       ftp daemon
                 kern      kernel messages
                 lpr       line printer subsystem
                 mail      mail subsystem
                 news      usenet news subsystem
                 syslog    messages generated internally by syslogd
                 user      generic user-level messages
                 uucp      uucp subsystem
                 local0    reserved for local use

              If  this option is specified, messages will be logged to syslog.
              By default, messages will be logged to the console.

       -l | --loglevel=LEVEL
              The following levels can be specified (in  increasing  order  of

                 quiet     No messages will be logged
                 errors    Only errors will be logged
                 warnings  Warnings & errors will be logged
                 normal    Default messages and all of the above
                 verbose   Verbose messages will also be logged
                 debug     Log debug messages as well
                 noisy     Noisy debug messages will be logged as well

              If  a  log  file  is  specified, TinySNMPd defaults to verbose ,
              otherwise, noisy is selected.

       -d | --daemon
              Run in the background. You need to specify a  log  file  if  you
              want to use this option.

       -h | --help
              Show a help message.

              Location of TinySNMPd configuration file.

              Path where mib libraries reside.

       All  of  these  options can also be found be executing the program with
       the -h or --help options.






       This agent is far from  complete.  So  far,  it  only  supports  SNMPv1
       packets  over  UDP  (snmp-get,  snmp-get-next), no snmp-set’s (i.e. you
       can’t change any data on the agent), and no traps.


       Written by Abraham vd Merwe <>