Provided by: gnokii_0.6.12-0ubuntu3_i386 bug


       todologo - Create operator logo that contains 3 lines of text


       todologo <text of line> - <text of line 2> - <text of line 3>


       The todologo program is used to create three lines of text that fits to
       the standard Nokia operator logo space (i.e. 72x14 pixel  space).  This
       is  achieved by using a proportional tiny font which most elements have
       size of 3x4 pixels (some are thinner).

       The name comes from an original intention that this program is used  to
       create  todo  entries  to  one’s  mobile phone screen so that those are
       always visible and thus in user’s memory. But the tool can just be used
       to print arbitrary text to the space provided by an operator logo.

       The  hand-crafted  font  currently  supports  the following characters:
       abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and 0123456789


       The standard ‘.nol’ formatted operator  logo  is  printed  to  standard
       output.  The header information of that output is taken from gnokii.nol
       that is distributed with GNOKII -- so you most probably  need  to  give
       your  operator  code when uploading it to your mobile phone. Use gnokii
       or xgnokii to do the uploading.


       First example writes some todo entries to todo.nol:

              todologo pick up kids - call wife - order chinese >todo.nol

       This last example writes some wisdom to the stdout:

              todologo Never underestimate - the power of the dark -  side  of
              the force


       Tomi Ollila <>


       This program is distributed under the GNU Public License.