Provided by: torrus-common_1.0.3-1_all bug


       monitor - Torrus Monitor.


       torrus monitor --tree=TREENAME [options...]


       This command starts the Monitor process for the tree TREENAME. By
       default it forks into a daemon, sets the log output file to
       /var/log/torrus/monitor.TREENAME.log, performs one monitoring cycle,
       and sleeps until the next cycle is scheduled. In daemon mode the log
       file can be reopened by sending it a SIGHUP signal.

       Monitoring cycle scheduling is controlled by two variables whose values
       may be set in

           Sets the period of the monitor run to a specified number of
           seconds. Default value is 300.

           Controls the shift of the start of monitoring cycle. Monitor will
           run at "time() mod Period + Shift", thus allowing the data to be
           updated during the shift period. Default value is 15.


           Prevents the process from becoming a daemon and sets the log to

           Instructs the script to run once and exit. Implies --nodaemon.

           Makes the daemon sleep for N minutes before starting the first
           cycle.  This would happen on the daemon startup and also after each
           configuration recompilation.  For example, when monitor and
           collector start simultaneously, the collector needs some time to
           retrieve the data being monitored.

           Sets the log level to debug.

           Sets the debug level to info.

           Displays a help message.


           Torrus site configuration script.

           Monitor’s log for the tree TREENAME.




       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>