Provided by: traffic-vis_0.34-17_i386 bug


       traffic-tops - Convert network traffic report to Postscript


       traffic-tops  [-o--outputfilename] [-i--inputfilename] [-T--titletitle]
       [-b--base-line-widthn] [-m--max-line-widthn] [-tnsVh]


       traffic-tops is a filter which accepts a summary generated by  traffic-
       collect(8) on standard input (or from the file specified using the ’-i’
       option) and writes an ASCII report to standard output or  to  the  file
       specified using the ’-o’ option.

       The  report  takes  the  form  of  a  graph  of  which  hosts have been
       communicating with each other. To prevent unreadable graphs, the  order
       of  hosts  on  the  graph  is randomised, to prevent this, use the ’-n’

       The graph looks best at around 20 to 80 hosts on it. If your report has
       more  hosts  than  this  it is recommended that you limit the number of
       hosts using the traffic-sort(8) tool’s ’-L’ option.


       -o --output filename
              Write output to file instead of standard out.

       -i --input filename
              Read input from file instead of standard input.

       -n --no-randomise
              Do not randomise host order on graph.

       -s --suppress-title
              Suppress printing of title on chart.

       -t --suppress-times
              Suppress printing of times on chart.

       -T --title title
              Specify custom title.

       -b --base-line-width n
              Specify minimum line  width  (can  be  fractional).  If  only  a
              minimum  line width is specified, then it is used as the maximum
              as well.

       -m --max-line-width n
              Specify maximum line width (can be fractional).

       -h --help
              Prints usage information.

       -V --version
              Prints program version.


       traffic-collect(8),   traffic-sort(8),   traffic-exclude(8),   traffic-
       totext(8), traffic-tohtml(8), traffic-togif(8), traffic-resolve(8),


       Damien Miller <>


       Hopefully none, probably legion.

                                  30 Jan 1999                  traffic-tops(8)