Provided by: progsreiserfs_0.3.0.5-1_i386 bug


       tunefs.reiserfs - reiserfs filesystem tuning program.


       tunefs.reiserfs options device


       resizefs.reiserfs  is  a reiserfs filesystem tuning program. It changes
       journal parameters, journal device, label and uuid.


       -v, --version
              displays current version

       -u, --usage
              displays program usage

       -j FILE, --journal-device=FILE
              device name journal lies on.

       -d FILE, --journal-new-device=FILE
              new journal device.

       -s N, --journal-size=N
              journal size. For journal on host device it must be gretter than
              512  blocks  and  less  than  count of blocks described by first
              bitmap block. In other words, journal must be less or  equal  to
              block_size * 8 journal offset - 1.

              In  the  case  requested journal size does not equal to previous
              journal size, tunefs.reiserfs will perform journal resizing. For
              relocated  journal  it will be recreated with new params and for
              standard one all data blocks will  be  moved  away  first,  then
              journal will be recreated with new boundaries.

       -o N, --journal-offset=N
              journal  offset  for relocated journal. You can’t change journal
              offset for standard journal.

       -t N, --transaction-max-size=N
              transaction max size

       -n, --no-journal-available
              no journal available now. This options lets program  know,  that
              no  journal  available  for now. Therefore, no journal replaying
              will be performed.

       -l LABEL, --label=LABEL
              sets volume label

       -i UUID, --uuid=UUID
              sets given uuid to superblock

       -q, --quiet
              non-interactive mode


       Report bugs to <>


       mkfs.reiserfs(8), resizefs.reiserfs(8), cpfs.reiserfs(8)


       This manual page was written by Yury Umanets <>