Provided by: smail_3.2.0.115-7_i386 bug


       unfreezemail - move a message from the error queue back to the input


       unfreezemail [-D [-f]] [-i] [-n] [-m] [-v  N] message-queue-id ...


       Unfreezemail safely reprocesses the specified error queue files.  This
       script can be used to retry messages that were frozen in the error
       queue by smail during the time when a configuration error existed, for

       Note that if the message is already a bounce message (i.e. is from
       ‘‘<>’’ or ‘‘<+>’’), or if the error which caused the message to be
       frozen in the first place has not yet been repaired, then another
       failure to deliver the bounce will simply move it back into the error
       queue immediately.  You can then use the -D option to delete the re-
       frozen message.

       WARNING: Unfreezemail will cause the message delivery to be re-
       attempted to all addresses which had previously failed.  If this is not
       intended then the message and/or its corresponding log file will have
       to be manually edited.


       -D     Delete the frozen message instead of re-queueing it.

       -f     Force the deletion.  By default each file must be confirmed
              before it is deleted.

       -i     Confirm each re-delivery attempt interactively.

       -m     Call mailq before re-attempting delivery.

       -n     Do not immediately start a runq process to re-attempt delivery.

       -v N   Tell the runq to be verbose when re-processing the message file.


       /var/mail          The default name of the Smail spool directory.

       /var/mail/error    The location of the default Smail spool’s message
                          error queue where frozen messages are stored.

       /var/mail/input    The location of the default Smail spool’s message
                          input queue where undelivered messages, and messages
                          currently being delivered, are stored.

       /var/mail/msglog   The location of the default Smail spool’s message
                          log files for both the error and input queues.


       smail(5), smail(8),


       Written by Greg A. Woods <>.  Contributed to the Public