Provided by: update-cluster_0.41.5-3_i386 bug


       update-cluster-maccollect - collects mac addresses and generates output


       update-cluster-maccollect [entry] ... < input-filename


       update-cluster-maccollect  listens  to  the  network   interface,   and
       collects MAC addresses.  It will auto-generates a list of hostnames and
       IPs by the information, to generate a list of hosts which were  sending
       packets to the network.

       Useful   for  creating  a  template  for  list  of  nodes  in  the  LAN


       --prefix [pc]

              Sets the hostname prefix to be  pc.   Every  generated  hostname
              will be in the form of pcXX, where XX is a numeral.

       --ipprefix [192.168.0.]

              Network IP prefix. A number will be appended.

       --ipstart [2]

              Start value for IP.  Default is 2.

       --hoststart [2]

              Start value for the numeric part of hostname.  Default is 2.

       --domainsuffix []

              Specify a domain name to use. Start with a period.

              The  default is .cluster.  It is possible to suppress the domain
              part by specifying --domainsuffix ""

       --interface [eth0]

              Network interface to listen to. MAC addresses are collected from
              packets that are received on that interface.

       --clusterxml [clusterml]

              Specifies the cluster.xml file to use instead of the default.


       update-cluster-maccollect  --domainsuffix  --prefix  machine
       --interface eth0 --ipstart 1 --hoststart 1
              Collect MAC addresses on interface eth0.


       Only  really  supports  network  with less than 256 hosts.  Only really
       supports IPv4 networks.  Assumes a lot of things.


       Written by Junichi Uekawa <>,  <>,
       <> for Debian Project.


       update-cluster-add   (8),  update-cluster-remove  (1),  update-cluster-
       regenerate (8), tcpdump (8)