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       update-ipolish-hash  -  Build  ispell  hashed dictionary file from sub-


       update-ipolish-hash [ -h, --help ] [ -a, --all ] [ -d,  --default  ]  [
       -f, --file file ] [ -x, --affix file ] [ -l, --list file ] [ dictionary


       This program builds hashed dictionary file  from  sub-dictionaries  for
       later use by ispell. The user can choose which sub-dictionaries will be
       used for new ispell dictionary.


       -h, --help
              Print a short explanation of syntax to standard output.

       -a, --all
              Disables an interactive mode and builds a  hash  file  from  all

       -d, --default
              Disables an interactive mode and builds a hash file from default
              sub-dictionaries.    This    dictionaries    are    listed    in
              /var/lib/ispell/dictionary.list  file  or  have  "Default:  yes"
              field in description file.

       -f, --file file
              Specify   an   alternative   hash   file.    The   default    is
              /var/lib/ispell/dictionary.hash file.

       -x, --affix file
              Specify   an   alternative   affix   file.    The   default   is
              /usr/lib/ispell/dictionary.aff file.

       -l, --list file
              Specify a file file with previously  chosen  dictionaries.   The
              default is /var/lib/ispell/dictionary.list file.

              Specify a dictionary to build.


       Source   dictionaries   are  located  at  /usr/share/ispell/dictionary/
       directory and can be compressed by  gzip(1),  bzip2(1)  and  eventually

       Dictionaries  are  the  lists  of  words in ispell(1) dictionary format
       (roots plus flags).


       The      set      of      dictionaries      is       described       in
       /usr/share/ispell/dictionary.desc  file. This file contains a number of
       fields. Each field begins with a tag, followed by colon, and  the  body
       of field. Fields are delimited only by field tags and are formed from a
       series of paragraphs, separated by blank lines.

       First paragraph is  a  source  paragraph  and  can  contains  following

       Source: dictionary-package-name
              This  is  a  name  of dictionary package, the same as dictionary
              argument in options.

       Affix: affix-file-name
              The name of affix flags file. Default directory for this file is

       Hash: affix-file-name
              The  name  of hashed dictionary file. Default directory for this
              file is /usr/lib/ispell.

              Next paragraphs describe dictionary files:

       Dictionary: sub-dictionary-file
              The file name of sub-dictionary. This file  will  be  merged  to
              build     ispell     dictionary.     Default     directory    is

       Default: yes
              If the /val/lib/ispell/dictionary.list file is  not  exists  and
              this  field  contains  "yes" string, this sub-dictionary will be
              default option.

       Description: description
              The first line of this  field  is  a  title  of  sub-dictionary.
              Other  lines  will  appear  if  the  user  choice  "I" option on
              interactive session.


       If the user choose dictionaries to build, these dictionaries are listed
       in  /val/lib/ispell/dictionary.list  file.  This file will be used with
       --default option and these directiories will be built as default.

       This file contains a list of chosen dictonaries, each definition  takes
       a single line. The file names are the same as in Dictionary: field.


       Example of /usr/share/ispell/dictionary.desc file:

              Source: english
              Affix: english.aff
              Hash: english.hash

              Dictionary: common
              Default: yes
              Description: Common words
               This is a basic dictionary

              Dictionary: rare
              Description: Unusable and rare words
               This dictionary contains words which are used
               only sometimes.
               You can include this dictionary but it isn’t necessary.

              Dictionary: technical/computers
              Description: Technical - Computer technology

              Dictionary: technical/medical
              Description: Technical - Medical technology

       Preferred usage in installation or upgrading script:

              update-ipolish-hash -d dictionary


              Description for dictionary set.

              Dictionary source files used in build process.

              List  of chosen dictionaries. This file can be used by --default

              Hashed dictionary file built from chosen sub-dictionary files.

              This should  be  a  symlink  to  /var/lib/ispell/dictionary.hash

              Affix file used to build hash.


       ispell(1), buildhash(1), update-ispell-dictionary(8).


       (c) 1999 Piotr Roszatycki <>.

       It  is  free  software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or
       later for copying conditions.