Provided by: libxml-sax-perl_0.12-5_all bug


       update-perl-sax-parsers - (de)register Perl SAX parser modules


       update-perl-sax-parsers [options] --add parser_module

       update-perl-sax-parsers [options] --remove parser_module

       update-perl-sax-parsers [options] --update


       update-perl-sax-parsers  inserts,  updates  and removes individual Perl
       SAX    parser    module     info     files     in     the     directory
       /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.d  and  the  overall  Perl  SAX  parser
       modules info file /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini.


       --add  Adds the per-module info file for the indicated Perl SAX  parser
              module to the directory /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.d.

              Removes the per-module info file for Perl SAX parser module from
              the directory /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.d.

              updates  the  overall  Perl  SAX  parser   modules   info   file

              When   used   with   --add   or   with  --remove  indicates  the
              ParserDetails.d directory to use for storing the per-module Perl
              SAX  parser  module info file.  When used one or more times with
              --update indicates the ParserDetails.d directories to be used as
              source  for  generating  the ParserDetails.ini file.  Default is

       --file Indicates the ParserDetails.ini file up be updated.  Default  is

              Prevents any diagnostic output.

       --test Prevents  the  modification  of  any files and enables debugging

              Displays the version information and exits.

       --help Display the usage information and exits.


       Installing the original package from CPAN into /usr/local breaks the
              Debian package, since the former is in Perl’s  @INC  before  the
              latter.  So, please don’t do this.

              If  there’s  a  new  version  of XML::SAX simply file a wishlist
              against the Debian package and wait for the update.




       Ardo van Rangelrooij <>


       Copyright © 2001-2003 Ardo van Rangelrooij

       This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2  or
       later for copying conditions.  There is no warranty.