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       update-python-modules - byte-compile python modules


       update-python-modules [options] [directory [...]]


       This manual page documents briefly the update-python-modules command.

       update-python-modules is responsible for the byte-compilation of python
       modules. When used  in  byte-compilation  mode,  it  will  byte-compile
       modules  in  the  directories  given  on  the command line. When use in
       installation mode, it will byte-compile them once  for  each  installed
       python version, and will make them available for all of them.

       At  each  invocation,  with or without arguments, update-python-modules
       will check for installed python versions,  and  will  build  or  remove
       modules according to new or removed versions since the last time it was


       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -v, --verbose
              Detail all actions while they are performed.

       -b, --bytecompile
              Byte-compilation only mode. This is the default. In  this  mode,
              byte-compiled  modules are put directly in the directories given
              on the command line.

       -i, --install
              Installation mode. In this mode, modules are  byte-compiled  for
              each python version, and put in separate directories. Files that
              don’t end with .py are symlinked to their original place.

       -c, --clean
              Clean modules instead of installing them.  Beware,  this  option
              behaves  differently in byte-compilation and installation modes.

       -a, --rebuild-all
              Rebuild all modules that  were  installed  using  -b.   This  is
              necessary  when  the  default  python  version  was changed, for

       -f, --force-rebuild-all
              Clean all modules and rebuild them, whether they  were  compiled
              using -b or -i.


              These  directories contain the byte-compiled modules for version
              pythonX.Y, for modules installed using -i.


              The lists of directories handled by update-python-modules.




       Josselin Mouette <>.

                                  2 Jan 2006          UPDATE-PYTHON-MODULES(8)