Provided by: ultrapossum-common_1.0rc5-3_all bug


       update-ultrapossum [-f] <configure│reconfigure│sanity│remove>


       update-ultrapossum manages UltraPossum plugins. There are 4 arguments.
       configure configures all the plugins. reconfigure reconfigures the
       plugins again which have been already configured.  sanity checks
       whether your configuration is right and remove removes the plugins from
       the system management.

       configure tries to configure all the plugins which are unpacked in your
       system, while reconfigure doesn’t. So, you can use configure argument
       to install new plugin. remove removes them only from the management. So
       every files have been located yet. You can remove these files
       successfully after calling remove.


       -f  forcibly configures UltraPossum plugins again even if all plugins
           are up-to-date.