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       updateclient  - update the image running on the local client machine to
       match that of an      image on an image server


       updateclient [ -help ] [ -version ]  [  -server  HOSTNAME  ]  [  -image
       IMAGENAME  ] [ -override OVERRIDE ... ] [ -directory DIRECTORY ] [ -no-
       bootloader ] [ -autoinstall ] [  -flavor  FLAVOR  ]  [  -configure-from
       DEVICE  ]  [  -ssh-user  USERNAME  ]  [  -reboot  ] [ -dry-run ] [ -log
       "STRING" ]


       This manual page documents briefly the updateclient command.

       updateclient is a program that brings the local client’s  image  up  to
       date with an image on a image server.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -help  Show summary of options

              Display version and copyright information

       -server HOSTNAME
              Hostname  or IP address of the imageserver.  Replaces deprecated
              -imageserver option.

       -image IMAGENAME
              Image from which the client should be updated

       -override OVERRIDE
              Override  module(s)  from  which  to  copy   additional   files.
              Override  directories are useful when you have multiple types of
              clients that share a subset of files.   The  image  can  contain
              this subset, and you can have an override module for each client
              type which contains  the  additional  files  required  for  that
              client  type.  If the same file exists in an override module and
              the image, the files in the override module will overwrite those
              in the image.

              You  can specify multiple override modules.  They will be copied
              over in the same order the are specified on the command line.

       -directory DIRECTORY
              Absolute path of the directory to be updated (defaults to "/")

              Don’t run the bootloader (lilo, elilo, grub, etc)  after  update
              completes.   (updateclient  always  runs  the  bootloader unless

              Autoinstall this client the next time it reboots.   This  option
              must  be used if you want your partition scheme to be updated to
              match the partition scheme of the image you  are  updating  too.
              This  is  required  if the partition scheme of the image you are
              updating from differs from the partition scheme of the image you
              are  currently  running,  as  your system may be left unbootable
              otherwise.  This option conflicts with -nolilo.

              Updates that use this option cannot take  advantage  of  rsync’s
              efficient  updating  mechanism.   This process also requires two
              reboots.  This makes -autoinstall updates more consuming.

       -flavor FLAVOR
              The boot flavor to be used for  doing  an  autoinstall  (assumes

       -configure-from DEVICE
              Only  used  with -autoinstall.  Stores the network configuration
              for DEVICE in the /local.cfg file so that the same settings will
              be used during the autoinstall process.

       -ssh-user USERNAME
              Username  for  ssh connection from the client.  Only needed if a
              secure connection is required.

              List available  images  on  imageserver.   This  option  is  now
              deprecated in favor of lsimage.

              Reboot client after update completes

              Don’t actually modify anything, just show what would be done.

       -log STRING
              Quoted  string  for log file format.  See the rsyncd.conf(5) man
              page for options.


       pushupdate(8), lsimage(8)

       More details can be found in the SystemImager manual.


       This manual page was compiled  by  dann  <<>>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               11 November 2004                UPDATECLIENT(8)