Provided by: zorp_3.0.5_i386 bug


       vbupgrade - upgrades the VirusBuster database and optionally the engine


       vbupgrade [-v verbosity level] [-u upgrade_selection]  [-f]  [-V]  [-s]


       vbupgrade  upgrades  the VirusBuster database and optionally the engine
       too which are used by Zorp Professional to filter the contents  of  the
       incoming  and  the outgoing traffic. On the first run vbupgrade filters
       the  relevant  content   of   the   /etc/apt/sources.list   file   into
       /etc/zorp/vbuster.conf,  and  uses only those lines, which are suitable
       to upgrade  the  VirusBuster  packages.  If  /etc/zorp/vbuster.list  is
       empty,  then  vbupgrade  will  exit with an error message. You can edit
       this file manually, the changes will be preserved.

       vbupgrade was designed to run regularly as a cron job. However, you can
       run  it  manually  if you want - it is recommended to run with a higher
       verbosity level to track down upgrading problems.


       -v verbosity_level
              The verbosity level of the program. 0: don’t show  any  message;
              1:  show  only  error  messages;  2:  report successful database
              upgrades; 3: show progress indicator messages too; 4:  show  all
              messages (the output can be huge!)

       -u upgrade_selection
              With this parameter you can control whether the database will be
              upgraded only or the engine too. 1: upgrade the  database  only,
              2: upgrade the database and the engine

       -f     Force  the  execution  of  vbupgrade,  with  this option you can
              override the HRS setting in /etc/zorp/vbuster.options.

       -V     Show the version number of the vbupgrade program.

       -s     Log through syslog

       -h     Shows a brief help message.




       vbupgrade was written by Sandor Geller <>



                                  2004-11-15                      vbupgrade(8)