Provided by: arla_0.36.2-11.1ubuntu1_i386 bug


     vos - manage AFS volumes and the VLDB


     vos [command] [args]


     The vos utility is used to manage AFS volumes and the volume location
     database (VLDB).

     vos provides several commands:

     addsite      not yet implemented
     apropos      apropos
     backup       make a backup copy of a volume
     backupsys    make backup copies of a number of volumes
     changeaddr   not yet implemented
     create       create a volume
     createentry  create a vldb entry
     delentry     not yet implemented
     dump         dump a volume
     endtrans     end a transaction
     examine      print information about a volume
     volinfo      print information about a volume
     help         print help
     ?            print help
     listaddrs    list registered addresses in vldb
     listpart     list partitions on a server
     listvldb     list volumes in volume-location-database
     listvol      list volumes on a server
     lock         not yet implemented
     move         not yet implemented
     partinfo     print partition information on a server
     release      not yet implemented
     remove       not yet implemented
     remsite      not yet implemented
     rename       not yet implemented
     restore      not yet implemented
     status       show volume server transactions
     syncserv     not yet implemented
     syncvldb     not yet implemented
     syncsite     print the syncsite
     unlock       not yet implemented
     unlockvldb   not yet implemented
     zap          anot yet implemented
     quit         exit interactive mode

     Most vos commands accept the following general arguments:

           [-cell cellname] Specifies which AFS cell to use,  if  the  default
           cell is not to be used.

           [-noauth]  Specifies  that  vos  should not try to authenticate the
           connection to the server.  This may be useful with  shell  scripts,
           or  if  there is a problem with the AFS cell.  Note that the server
           will reject many commands if -noauth is specified.

           [-localauth] Create a ticket using the AFS server key, that is, you
           don’t  need a token.  This will generally only work on AFS servers,
           and is very useful for performing automatic tasks.

     The syntax of the vos commands:

     vos addsite
           Not yet implemented.

     vos apropos string
           Search for a command matching string.

     vos backup [-id] volumeid [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]
           Make  a  backup  copy  of  a single volume. This command clones the
           volume given as argument into a  backup  volume  with  the  postfix

     vos backupsys [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-verbose]
           Makes  backup copies of all the volumes in a cell.  The volumes are
           cloned into backup volumes with the postfix .backup.

     vos changeaddr
           Not yet implemented.

     vos create [-server] servername [-part] partition [-volume] volumename
     [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-verbose]
           Create a new volume named volumename on server servername partition
           partition.   Note  that  volumename  can  be  no  longer  than   22

     vos createentry [-id] volumeid [-host] host [-fsserver] fileserver [-rw]
     rwvolumeid [-ro] rovolumeid [-bk] bkvolumeid [-noauth] [-localauth]
           Create a vldb entry manually.  This  command  should  not  be  used
           unless you know exactly what you are doing.

     vos delentry
           Not yet implemented.

     vos dump [-id] volume [-server fileserver] [-partition partition] [-cell
     cellname] [-file filename] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-verbose]
           Dump volume on fileserver to a filename.

     vos endtrans [-server] server [-trans] transaction [-cell cellname]
     [-noauth] [-verbose]
           End a transaction.

     vos examine [-id] volume [-host] server [-cell cellname] [-noauth]
     [-localauth] [-verbose] [-extended]
           Print detailed information about volume on server.

     vos volinfo
           vos volinfo is an alias for the vos examine command.

     vos help
           Print help.

           vos?  Shorthand for help.

     vos listaddrs [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-noresolve]
           Lists all addresses registered in the vldb

     vos listpart [-server] fileserver [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]
           List partitions on a fileserver.

     vos listvldb [-fileserver fileserver] [-cell cellname] [-noauth]
     [-localauth] [-verbose]
           List  volumes  in the volume location database without reading them
           on the fileserver, optionally restricting the list to  the  volumes
           located on a specific fileserver.

     vos listvol [-server] fileserver [-partition] partition [-cell cellname]
     [-noauth] [-localauth] [-verbose]
           List volumes on fileserver, without consulting the volume  location
           database, optionally restricting the list to the volumes located on
           a specific fileserver.

     vos lock
           Not yet implemented.

     vos move
           Not yet implemented.

     vos partinfo [-server] fileserver [-partition] partition [-cell cellname]
     [-noauth] [-localauth] [-verbose]
           List  the  total  and remaining diskspace on fileserver, optionally
           restricting the list to a specific partition.

     vos release
           Not yet implemented.

     vos remove
           Not yet implemented.

     vos remsite
           Not yet implemented.

     vos rename
           Not yet implemented.

     vos restore
           Not yet implemented.

     vos status [-server] fileserver [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-verbose]
           Show volume server transactions.

     vos syncserv
           Not yet implemented.

     vos syncvldb
           Not yet implemented.

     vos syncsite
           print the syncsite

     vos unlock
           Not yet implemented.

     vos unlockvldb
           Not yet implemented.

     vos zap
           Not yet implemented.

     vos quit
           Exit interactive mode.


     fs(1), pts(1), arlad(8)


     The Arla authors are trying to mimic the behaviour of the original AFS


     The Arla project <>.


     Quite a lot of commands are not implemented yet.