Provided by: yate_0.8.7+cvs20050604-4ubuntu1_i386 bug


       yate - launch the YATE telephony engine


       yate [options] [commands]


       yate  is a telephony engine that supports client, PBX and IVR functions
       trough plugins.


       -h, --help
              Display a short help message

       -v     Verbose debugging (you can use more than once)

       -q     Quieter debugging (you can use more than once)

       -d     Daemonify, suppress output unless logged

       -s     Supervised, restart if crashes or locks up

       -l filename
              Log to file - should be used whenever running in daemon mode

       -p filename
              Write PID of the supervisor or primary thread to file

       -n configname
              Use specified configuration name, overrides default "yate"

       -c pathname
              Path to conf files directory, overrides compiled-in value

       -m pathname
              Path  to  modules  directory,  overrides  compiled-in   value.SS
              Debugging (may not be compiled in)

              Special debugging options

       -Da    Abort (coredumps if allowed) if bugs are encountered

       -Dc    Call dlclose() until it gets an error

       -Di    Reinitialize after first initialization

       -Dx    Exit immediately after initialization

       -Dw    Delay for one second the creation of the first worker thread

       -Dt    Add start time relative timestamps to debugging messages


       Each   command   is   sent   to  the  YATE  modules  immediately  after
       initialization.  Modules define command syntax so that is not described
       here. Please look at the documentation for each module.


       - SIGTERM and SIGINT (Ctrl-C) will cleanly stop the engine

       - SIGHUP and SIGQUIT (Ctrl-\) will reinitialize the modules


       Under various *BSD implementations the dlclose() function is broken and
       may generate a segfault on exit.

       Some libpthread implementations are broken and may fail  to  start  the
       threads or fail to cleanup when the thread terminates.


       Paul Chitescu <>
       Diana Cionoiu <>