Provided by: zcip_4-8_i386 bug


       zcip - zero configure network interface


       zcip [-hsv] [-i interface]


       zcip  does  the  ad-hoc  link-local  IPv4  auto-configuration trick, as
       described in the IETF Internet Draft  ’Dynamic  Configuration  of  IPv4
       Link-Local Addresses’.


       [--help] , [-h]
              Provide brief help and usage information, and exit.

       [--syslog] , [-s]
              Send all information to syslog, instead of standard output

       [--version] , [-v]
              Provide version information, and exit

       [-i interface_name] , [--interface=interface_name]
              Specifies  the  interface  to  configure.  If this option is not
              used, zcip defaults to the eth0 device.

       [-r] , [--randseed]
              Seeds the random number generator that is  used  to  create  the
              interface’s new IP address with a true random number rather than
              the MAC address of the device.

       [-d] , [--default]
              Add a default  route  to  this  interface  in  addition  to  the
              standard network route.


       None  yet,  but  maybe  a configuration file will be added. We probably
       also need one or more files to store the IP for each interface.


       zcip  currently  assumes  that  the  target  interface  is   down   and
       reconfigures  it.  The  IETF draft seems to suggest using multi-homing,
       which we don’t do yet.

       There should be a configuration option to work  the  same  way  Windows
       2000 does, so we don’t get beaten up so much.

       Doesn’t  work  if  packet  filtering  is  not  enabled  in  the  kernel
       (CONFIG_FILTER). You get infinite looping through a lot  of  IPs  in  a


       dhcpcd(8), pump(8)


       Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote zcip.
       Brad  Hards  (  wrote  this  manpage and did  minor
       hacks on zcip.

                                 13 March 2002                         ZCIP(8)