Provided by: zorp_3.0.5_i386 bug


       zorpqc - Zorp Quarantine Checker


       zorpqc [options]


       Check  a  quarantine  directory  and  remove  files that don’t meet the
       specified criteria.

       There are no mandatory arguments, each setting may be specified  either
       as a commandline option or as an environment variable. Each setting has
       a hardwired default value as described below.

       The precedence for values: commandline > environment > default.

       -h     help, you’re reading it now

       -w, $QUAR_WARN_ONLY, def.: no
              don’t delete any files, just issue a warning into syslog

       -v, $QUAR_VERBOSE, def.: no
              log every action

       -a days, $QUAR_MAX_AGE, def.: 7
              max age of files

       -n num, $QUAR_MAX_NUM, def.: 1024
              max number of files

       -s MBytes, $QUAR_MAX_SIZE, def.: 32
              max total size of files

       -d dir, $QUAR_DIR, def.: /var/lib/zorp/quarantine
              quarantine directory

       At first, zorpqc will remove every  file  that’s  older  than  the  age
       limit, then calculate the total number and size of the remaining files.
       If any of these values exceeds the  specified  limits,  files  will  be
       ordered by their age, and removed one by one (starting with the oldest)
       until all criteria is met.  If -w is specified, then  no  removal  will
       actually  happen,  but  a message will be sent to the syslog about each


       Written by Gabor Simon.


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright © 2005 Balabit IT Ltd.


       instances.conf(5), zorp(8), zorp-config(5), zorpctl(8), zorpctl.conf(5)