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       __kmalloc - allocate memory


       void * __kmalloc  (size_t size, gfp_t flags);


       size   how many bytes of memory are required.

       flags  the type of memory to allocate.


       kmalloc is the normal method of allocating memory in the kernel.

       The flags argument may be one of:

        GFP_USER - Allocate memory on behalf of user. May sleep.

        GFP_KERNEL - Allocate normal kernel ram. May sleep.

        GFP_ATOMIC - Allocation will not sleep. Use inside interrupt handlers.

       Additionally, the GFP_DMA flag may be set to indicate the  memory  must
       be  suitable  for  DMA.  This  can  mean  different things on different
       platforms. For example, on i386, it means that  the  memory  must  come
       from the first 16MB.