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       ata_dev_identify - obtain IDENTIFY x DEVICE page


       void ata_dev_identify  (struct ata_port * ap, unsigned int device);


       ap     port on which device we wish to probe resides

       device device bus address, starting at zero


       Following bus reset, we issue the IDENTIFY [PACKET] DEVICE command, and
       read back the 512-byte device information page. The device  information
       page is fed to us via the standard PIO-IN protocol, but we hand-code it
       here. (TODO: investigate using standard PIO-IN paths)

       After reading the device information  page,  we  use  several  bits  of
       information  from  it  to  initialize data structures that will be used
       during the lifetime of the ata_device. Other data from the info page is
       used to disqualify certain older ATA devices we do not wish to support.


       Inherited from caller. Some functions called by  this  function  obtain
       the host_set lock.


       Jeff Garzik.