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       ata_pci_init_native_mode - Initialize native-mode driver


       struct ata_probe_ent * ata_pci_init_native_mode  (struct pci_dev * pdev,
                                                            struct ata_port_info ** port,
                                                            int ports);


       pdev   pci device to be initialized

       port   array[2] of pointers to port info structures.

       ports  bitmap of ports present


       Utility  function  which  allocates  and  initializes  an ata_probe_ent
       structure for  a  standard  dual-port  PIO-based  IDE  controller.  The
       returned  ata_probe_ent  structure can be passed to ata_device_add. The
       returned ata_probe_ent structure should then be freed with kfree.

       The caller need  only  pass  the  address  of  the  primary  port,  the
       secondary will be deduced automatically. If the device has non standard
       secondary port mappings this function can be  called  twice,  once  for
       each interface.


       Jeff Garzik.