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       bio_endio - end I/O on a bio


       void bio_endio  (struct bio * bio, unsigned int bytes_done, int error);


       bio    bio

              number of bytes completed

       error  error, if any


        bio_endio will end I/O on bytes_done number of bytes. This may be just
       a partial part of the bio, or it may be the whole bio. bio_endio is the
       preferred way to end I/O on  a  bio,  it  takes  care  of  decrementing
       bi_size  and clearing BIO_UPTODATE on error. error is 0 on success, and
       and one of the established -Exxxx (-EIO, for instance) error values  in
       case  something  went  wrong. Noone should call bi_end_io directly on a
       bio unless they own it and thus know that it has an end_io function.