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       blk_queue_merge_bvec - set a merge_bvec function for queue


       void blk_queue_merge_bvec  (request_queue_t * q, merge_bvec_fn * mbfn);


       q      queue

       mbfn   merge_bvec_fn


       Usually queues have static limitations on the max sectors  or  segments
       that  we  can put in a request. Stacking drivers may have some settings
       that are dynamic, and thus we have to query the queue whether it is  ok
       to  add  a  new bio_vec to a bio at a given offset or not. If the block
       device has such limitations, it needs to register  a  merge_bvec_fn  to
       control  the  size of bio’s sent to it. Note that a block device *must*
       allow a single page to be added to  an  empty  bio.  The  block  device
       driver may want to use the bio_split function to deal with these bio’s.
       By default no merge_bvec_fn is defined for a queue, and only the  fixed
       limits are honored.