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       call_rcu_bh - Queue an RCU for invocation after a quicker grace period.


       void fastcall call_rcu_bh  (struct rcu_head * head,
                                     void (*func) <funcparams>struct rcu_head *rcu</funcparams>);


       head   structure to be used for queueing the RCU updates.

       func   actual update function to be invoked after the grace period


       The update function will be invoked some time after a full grace period
       elapses,  in  other  words  after all currently executing RCU read-side
       critical  sections  have  completed.  call_rcu_bh  assumes   that   the
       read-side  critical  sections  end  on completion of a softirq handler.
       This means that read-side critical sections in process context must not
       be  interrupted  by softirqs. This interface is to be used when most of
       the read-side critical sections are in softirq context.  RCU  read-side
       critical sections are delimited by rcu_read_lock and rcu_read_unlock, *
       if in interrupt context or rcu_read_lock_bh and rcu_read_unlock_bh,  if
       in process context. These may be nested.