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       call_usermodehelper_keys - start a usermode application


       int call_usermodehelper_keys  (char * path, char ** argv, char ** envp,
                                       struct key * session_keyring,
                                       int wait);


       path   pathname for the application

       argv   null-terminated argument list

       envp   null-terminated environment list

              session keyring for process (NULL for an empty keyring)

       wait   wait for the application to finish and return status.


       Runs   a   user-space   application.   The   application   is   started
       asynchronously if wait is not set, and runs as a child of keventd. (ie.
       it runs with full root capabilities).

       Must  be  called from process context. Returns a negative error code if
       program was not execed successfully, or 0.