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       d_instantiate_unique - instantiate a non-aliased dentry


       struct dentry * d_instantiate_unique  (struct dentry * entry,
                                                 struct inode * inode);


       entry  dentry to instantiate

       inode  inode to attach to this dentry


       Fill in inode information in the entry. On success, it returns NULL. If
       an  unhashed  alias  of  ‘‘entry’’  already  exists, then we return the
       aliased dentry instead and drop one reference to inode.

       Note that in order to avoid conflicts with rename etc, the  caller  had
       better be holding the parent directory semaphore.

       This  also  assumes  that  the  inode  count  has  been incremented (or
       otherwise set) by the caller to indicate that it is now in use  by  the