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       driver_find_device  - device iterator for locating a particular device.


       struct device * driver_find_device  (struct device_driver * drv,
                                               struct device * start,
                                               void * data,
                                               int (*match) <funcparams>struct device *, void *</funcparams>);


       drv    The device’s driver

       start  Device to begin with

       data   Data to pass to match function

       match  Callback function to check device


       This is similar to the driver_for_each_device function  above,  but  it
       returns  a  reference  to  a  device  that is ’found’ for later use, as
       determined by the match callback.

       The callback should return 0 if the device doesn’t match  and  non-zero
       if it does. If the callback returns non-zero, this function will return
       to the caller and not iterate over any more devices.